Old and New

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” What an unconventional thought. Coming from Stephen King I suppose unconventional is expected. What was he thinking when he said that? I know for a fact that he was not thinking the same thing I was because I chuckled and thought about Paul’s tractor. The OLD one we purchased with the property and the NEW one that is now his new toy.

Paul and I are usually like-minded, and we are also very different. Watching a movie together is an intentional event because we do not like the same genres (with exception to HGTV of course, we are both fans). Our conflicting interest in genres is also true for our reading. He has read everything Stephen King has written. I have no interest in his style of writing, simply said I don’t like nightmares.

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again”…Let’s look a that in relation to our treasured farmhouse. We are restoring it and are so excited for the opportunity. When we do so we will be making some changes, as in updates. We are retaining many of the charming elements but we are also modernizing. I’m excited about our design, we will be sharing many details and photos with you as that unfolds.

A lot of progress has been made, much of it is not so visible because it is the behind the scenes cleanup, plumbing, electrical, etc. This back door is a good reminder of the OLD that was and the NEW that is to come…

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