Light work is not light work

“There is no shortcut for hard work that leads to effectiveness. You must stay disciplined because most of the work is behind the scenes.” (quote by G. Kent) Paul is loving the process and the work that is being done to bring light, and power to the farmhouse. We actually do have light, but the entire existing electrical system is being modified to fit our new design plan.
The behind the scenes work involves wiring and rewiring the entire house prior to insulation and drywall. There was significant effort 20ish years ago to upgrade the electrical via new breaker box, new wire, and removal of the existing knob and tube wiring of the day. Fortunately, the electrician who did the work back then did an excellent job; however, that was all roughed-in electrical work that was never energized and none of it works for our layout. Adding to the electrical plan by pulling some new wire and moving electrical locations was not challenging, just time-consuming. We ended up adding about 2000 feet of wire and over 30 electrical boxes to accommodate new outlets, switches, and lighting locations.
Let me ask you a question: when you woke up this morning and you turned on your light and perhaps brewed your coffee did you give thanks for power? Have you in the last year, or ever, given thought to the electrician who wired your house? Likely not. Those behind the scenes details, as with many things in life, are worthy of recognition.
In our previous house, our son’s bedroom had a single can light. We had several lamps in his room because the single can light made it difficult to do the simplest things and nearly impossible to read. So, for 17 years, he lived in a room where he had to turn on lamps when he went to his room. That is the sort of situation we are trying to avoid with this remodel.
As the farmhouse walls are down to studs, we have gone through each room (several times) to simulate where we would use outlets, switches, and specific lighting details. It’s hard for me to visualize at this point but I had to do my best so we could make decisions to identify exact locations for electrical. So my job, at the end of most days, was to visualize, shop, and purchase fixtures. Hallelujah for online shopping! Paul’s was to do all the behind the scenes work (actually behind the walls work, but you know what I mean). Here are just a few photos. I am excited for when we can share photos as it all starts coming together:

We are creating the modern farmhouse warmth with rustic pieces throughout with exception to the kitchen which we are brightening up with brushed stainless:

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