A little background

When people see the enormity of our farmhouse remodel I can understand why they might question how my crew (consisting of one) can take on such a project without a “team”. The kind of team that swoops in to get the project done in a week like seen on HGTV. We have some contractors lined up, but for the most part, I am his team; really more support staff, not a heavy lifter. It’s not that people doubt him, their speculation is understandable considering the extreme nature of the project. For those who have been to our lake house and heard that story, they get it. The fact is that my crew of one loves this sort of challenge and I will even go as far as to say he “thrives” on it. For those of you who don’t know our history I am going to give you just a tiny bit of context. Before you look at the photos of his woodwork I want to explain the source of his materials. After we purchased the cabin he shopped Craigslist and brought home a U-haul truck filled to the top with old bleacher wood from Oak Harbor high school. That bleacher wood, adorned with purple paint stripes and lots of gum (yes, gum…as in chewing gum that was stuck to seats..yes gross but true). I helped unload that truck and had trouble moving multiple boards because they were stuck together. As it turns out, bleacher wood is ideal for trim and other craftsman style features. At 16 feet long and two thicknesses (5/4” and 3/4”) this wood was the perfect thickness for planing and sanding. Its length meant fewer joints when installed. The wood was over 50 years old, vertical grain, and remained dry all those years. When stained and finished, the richness of the grain was beautiful. As I was unloading the gum reinforced bleacher wood, it was with confidence that I said to myself “ok, if anyone can do it he will”. He refurbished those old sticky, purple striped bleachers to create beautiful stair rails and trim. I embark on the revival of this charming farmhouse with confidence. Keep following the progress and feel free to chime in. We love your comments. Share your ideas or just give an encouraging word.


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