BOOM! The bucket boom truck is gone!

I anticipate you have heard the question “if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”  The answer varies from person-to-person. So, if we have a bucket boom truck that is so buried in blackberry bushes that nobody knows it’s there, does it exist? There is no philosophical debate about that question.  The answer is YES.  

After some cursory property clearing a bucket boom truck was revealed. We discussed what to do with the truck. Discuss was all we did about it because that truck was near the bottom of an exceedingly long to-do-list. Although we decided to focus on the house and then tackle the enormity of the property cleanup, it was simply too much to save for later.  This beautiful property was motivating us to give it at least a little attention. Following numerous trips to the dump, trimming, blackberry clearing, and burning, the bucket boom truck was revealed.  Our nominal clean-up and clearing resulted in someone seeing our newly revived bucket boom truck as they drove by. A knock at our door was followed by the question “that bucket boom truck…..what do you plan to do with it?” There was no hesitation to respond “it’s all yours if you want it”. That was followed by several days of very creative mechanical ingenuity. It took four guys and four days to get the truck out of its wheel ruts and rolling again. BOOM…..the bucket boom truck is gone!  The new owner is happy and so are we.

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