Dwelling, New York Times best selling authors new release

I am so excited to be invited to be on the Launch Team for Melissa Michael’s new release

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As Melissa encourages us to “live well where we dwell”, her writing is as warm and comforting as I imagine her home to be. I have always been a homebody. Home is my happy place, especially when it’s filled with family. We treasure those times even more now because our family has matured and grown away from our daily lives; therefore, leaving those treasured family times to be less frequent. Melissa writes “take a sentimental journey through some of your life’s season”. In those days that have passed, our house was busy, loud, and often messy because all the kids were home. I am thankful that I was wise enough to look past the hectic schedule of that season with busy kids and enjoy the comforts of home and family. Creating a home that meant love, comfort, and joy was my vision. Now we have transitioned to a new home. Essentially we are starting over with a major remodel. As we are in, what I call, the ugly part of our remodel project, I am reminding myself to appreciate this time too. This too is a season. At these current beginning stages, I am being intentional to enjoy the process, while being comforted by our vision. Writing this blog is my way to journal. I am heeding Melissa’s advice to journal and use my senses to savor this time. I would like to skip the journaling of this “ugly stage”, but I know that I will be thankful if I embrace this season. I am savoring this transitional time in anticipation of our home to be, the place I will want to “dwell”. Order Dwelling and check out her blog The Inspired Room. The titles are well chosen because her blog is Inspiring!


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