My husband has nice pecs

Yes, its true, my husband has really nice pecs. Before you laugh or gasp, please let me correct my spelling, my husband has really nice PEX. PEX is cross-linked polyethylene. Paul removed all the old galvanized water pipes and PVC/CPVC that was added to the house years ago. He installed PEX piping, which is predominantly utilized for modern plumbing. The highlight of the new set-up is the plumbing manifold; a plumbing manifold is analogous to an electrical breaker panel. In this case, each plumbing fixture can be turned on or off at the manifold, which provides flexibility if future plumbing issues arise. This is the sort of thing that makes Paul very happy. I will be honest here, we have a good relationship because we support each other. I care very much about our plumbing being of the highest possible quality. He tells me all the tales of the day and his excitement for the PEX system and I smile and nod. I really do try to understand, but often I just say to myself “I know he knows what he is doing”. My mantra from the beginning of this adventure continues: I have “faith in God and faith in husband”. And, yes he does really have nice pecs.

If that is not exciting for you. Here is a reminder of where we started: (Oh, my…)

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