Framing up a new season and new bath

Oh, how invigorating the bright light of the sun can be. The temperatures suggest I slip on my coat as I head out the door, yet I still feel an awakening in my disposition. My heart feels the excitement for what is to come as the sun shines brightly – the beautiful glimmer of the sun’s light through the trees gives hope for the spring that is not far off. It was just a few days ago that record snowfall brought a significant lull in our farmhouse restoration project, as it did to all areas of life.
These pictures show the beginning stages of the transformation of this bedroom into the master bath (ensuite for you fellow HGTV viewers). Let me remind you, dear reader, when a home was built back in 1925, more than one bathroom was considered a luxury. This home had a first-floor main bathroom and a tiny bathroom on the upper floor. It was so tiny that we referred to it as the “porta-potty” because it was literally the size of a porta potty. We removed the wall between the “porta-potty” and an adjacent closet to create a quarter bath off the guest room. We are walling off the entry to a bedroom at the end of the hall to create a comfortable and functional master bath: this will include an enclosed toilet, full shower, double vanities, and oval tub.


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