Back at the farmhouse

After a few days of inhibiting snow and a short trip to Idaho we are back at the farmhouse making progress. Our trip to Idaho included touring around the area looking at some quaint historic homes. It was a nice vacation to visit friends and family while revitalizing our excitement for our restoration project. Paul’s mind was distracted with thoughts of the plumbing he would be working on upon our return to the farmhouse. My thoughts, on the other hand, consisted of daydreams of the more final stages of the project…such as the finish on the dresser that we are re-purposing into the main bath vanity. The picture on the left is a sample of the distressed paint that will be applied to the dresser. The white raised sink will have a brushed bronze faucet to accent the distressed paint. I included a picture of the claw-foot tub that we will restore and paint. This is where we would love your contribution. Chime in and share your experience and design ideas. Do you have similar projects that you have completed? Share and let us know if you want to be considered for our Features page.


  • Linda

    Hi! Fun to read your blog. You have accomplished so much already. Can’t wait to see the continued progress and the final product. I know it is going to be amazing! You are both so talented! ❤️


    How awesome to be able to see updates and read about the work you and Paul are doing. The house is G O R G even in the state it’s in. I love the dresser for bathroom vanity. Will you be using the wood top as counter?

    • monika

      We are having fun making progress and sharing. Thanks for following and encouraging us. Regarding the vanity/dresser: at first I had planned to put a quartz top on it but I have decided to give the top a dark solid paint color with a hearty finish to seal it. I am still vacillating regarding the finish color but for sure I want a contrast. I figure if the water splashes are an issue we can add quartz later.

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