Teen Temperatures

We are still inhibited regarding our progress because of the snow and teen temperatures.  The word teens, in terms of age, has often been associated with turbulent emotional years. A time when parents need to be highly alert and involved.  We are personally past the teens in terms of our boys and we weathered that season well. Our boys grew into exceptional young men and we are thankful as we look back on that season fondly.   That was a busy time and we are now at a new busy season of our lives as we embark on this Farmhouse Revival. Snow has fallen and we have been persevering through teen temperatures for several days. I am thankful for my hardworking husband. The weather has certainly slowed him from his usual pace, but he did not let that stop him.  He isolated himself in the basement to get it ready for the next phase. Soon we will have sheet-rock delivered so he cleared the basement to make room for storage to make room for sheet-rock. This might not look like a big deal until you look at the pictures from February 5th. Progress!