One step at a time

We needed to do a temporary fix on these steps for safety reasons. We are spending many evenings engrossed in online shopping for all sorts of items (faucets, lights, etc). It’s been fun doing so because we keep our vision energized as we go over plans for what the finishing touches will bring. We recall all the driving for shopping we did years ago when we were building another home. As we do our shopping at home after a long day of work we are thankful for this bonus that comes with our changing times, which means a click and delivery to our porch. Keeping our delivery people safe is important. We are hoping the neighbors are not in fear that this is what we consider remodeling. This is our temporary safety fix.


    • monika

      Thank you. I look forward to having you involved in the finalizing touches. That’s a ways off but the journey will make that time festive.

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